Our local Union has been very busy this year with negotiations, trainings, conferences etc…, and the second half of 2023 has been as busy as the first half.

You will read in the representatives’ reports, details of all negotiations that were dealt with and ratified, and also the ongoing ones or those that will be starting shortly.

In July, I had the opportunity to visit a few workplaces and meet members. While we had membership meetings scheduled in Atikokan and Ignace in order to ratify their respective agreements, I did visit the sawmills at both places, and also our members for Dallan LP. (both places)

I have accompanied 3 of our Sisters to the USW International Women’s Conference held in Pittsburgh from October 23 to 27. Gisèle Pintar (GreenFirst Chapleau sawmill), Marilyne Saville (Gateway Casino Thunder Bay) and April Johnson (Gateway Casino Thunder Bay) did attend the Conference. Very interesting Conference and you can read the reports from our sisters who did attend. 

On behalf of Local 1-2010 Executive Board, I wish you a very Merry Christmas and the best for 2024.

In Solidarity;

Jacques Jean

Resolute Atikokan and Ignace Sawmill members ratified new Collective Agreements. Local 1-2010's President Jacques Jean visited their workplaces to meet with members.

Yurii Velychko, Atikokan sawmill member who acted as Ukrainian translator during membership meeting.
Cory Peterson, Dallan Atikokan steward
Atikokan sawmill member
Neil Richard, Atikokan sawmill steward
Ignace sawmill member