Greetings Brothers and Sisters, I hope this finds you and yours safe and healthy. 

Woodland’s operations

Your Local Union has begun negotiation proceedings with Resolute. Your local bargaining committee representatives from RFP, Remar Trucking, BTG Contracting, Firesteel, Steve Ward Contracting, Ricci Companies and Shuniah Forest Products met with the company on October 11th,12th and 13th. We have no new dates scheduled as of today. Your bargaining committee has filed for a conciliation officer to help us and the company reach a settlement. At the moment there has been no substantial movement on behalf of the company. Once we have new dates scheduled with the conciliator, your bargaining rep will let the members know.

Update as to the jurisdiction and the 200,000 cubic metres non union harvesting grievances. Your Union has set an arbitration date for March 9th, 2023. This is an important grievance in the eyes of your Local, for too long the members of our Union have gone the extra mile to get wood into the mills across Northern Ontario. It’s time to level the playing field and recognize that an injury to one is an injury to all. Non union workers need to understand the benefits of working within our Collective Agreement. Pieceworkers who deliver for these non-union outfits do not even realise that they are losing money by working piecework; they need to work smarter, not harder, and reap the same benefits as our unionized workforce. Strength of your Union depends on its five hundred woodland members. 

It is my goal to organize all committees within each operation: Safety, Stewards, Women’s if applicable and Grievance committees are extremely important when servicing woodland units. I am not the Union, you are! Thank you to the hardworking members already active and mobilized. 

Education @ work; Brother Alled Leckner (Steward -  New Gen Harvesting) had an opportunity to attend the 3rd National Gathering of Indigenous Steelworkers in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, on October 4th, and 5th. Be sure to ask all about his experience. 

Be sure to also ask your stewards about the education received at this year’s Stewards meeting held in Hearst on September 28th and 29th. 

Dallan LP (Thunder Bay Pulp mill)

Busy summer holding the feet to the fire for our operation at the pulp mill. Various grievances and ongoing dialogue between Brother John Hearn (Steward/H&S representative) and the management team has been beneficial to eliminating most concerns. The Union filed and resolved grievances pertaining to postings, non bargaining unit workers doing bargaining unit work, as well as many other issues with the day-to-day operations. Important to note that there is a vacancy within our grievance committee at this site. Give John a hand and get involved. 

Dallan FW (Thunder Bay sawmill)

Resolute plans to expand the present log yard and increase the size of the finished yard, with future plans to add another kiln to the repertoire. This expansion will lead to an increase in production and the workforce. (Summer echo). Construction has started and seems to be moving along quite nicely. 

Education @ work, Brother Blair DeCorte (Steward/H&S Rep) had an opportunity to attend the 3rd Gathering of Indigenous Steelworkers in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, on October 4th, and 5th. Be sure to ask all about his experience! 

Unitized, Wanson

Busy summers reported both at Wanson and Unitized. Unitized Manufacturing has recruited a few new members over the last 6 months. Their Collective Agreement is strong and has given the company an advantage when recruiting. A couple of grievances resolved at the Wanson site. The members in the yard are reporting a busy construction season with no end in site, which is great news.

NWOSAC (Northwestern Ontario Steelworker Area Council) 

Your Local belongs to the area council. Our council works to shape the labour movement in house and abroad. The local area council has been continually active in its support of community events and membership needs, which include locals from grain, mining, bus drivers, catering, forestry, service sectors and more. As president of the area council, I am looking to advance the labour movement and will look to those of you that would like to give back to your community. Whether you are from Terrace Bay, Nakina, or Dryden, we will need a lot of help next year to facilitate and execute plans that for now are in the infancy stage. Stay tuned! 

Siblings, I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and that the New year brings us all the best!  

Take care of each other. 


In solidarity;

Jason Lacko 



Hi everyone, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! May the new year bring a lot of health and happiness to all of you. 

As you probably already know, this past year was busy with all the negotiations and catching up on our training. We were able to give a safety training in Thunder Bay at the beginning of June.  We also gave a Steward training in Hearst that was held in September. Plus a women meeting that was held in Thunder Bay in early September. All those trainings and meetings were a success.

GreenFirst Hearst sawmill 

We have reached an agreement on a 4-year term with an increase in salaries of 3.5% each year of the Collective Agreement plus a wage adjustment for the maintenance department. We were also able to suspend the progressive rates for the duration of the Collective Agreement, which we believe will help to hire new employees. We also changed the terms regarding the vacation allowed and we believe that this will help in the future for vacation allowed. Lastly, there were many increases for all the benefits including: pension plans, boots, health and welfare, glasses, etc. 

GreenFirst Hearst woods

We were able to reach an agreement of 4 years with an annual salary increase of 3.5%. There were a lot of changes regarding the terms in the Collective Agreement because it was no longer useful.  In conclusion, we were also able to eliminate the $20 per visit for the chiropractor as well as increase all benefits.

Lecours Lumber Sawmill

We were able to reach a 4-year Collective Agreement with a 3.5% annual salary increase as well as a wage adjustment for the maintenance department. The disciplinary record has now been changed to 12 months. We’ve also been able to modify the salary progressive programs that we believe will help in getting new employees. Finally, we negotiated increases for the following benefits: pension plan, boots, glasses, etc. 

We had Brother Wade Baxter attend the 3rd National Gathering of Indigenous Steelworkers Conference that was held in Sault Ste Marie on the 4th and 5th of October.

Lecours Lumber Woods

We were able to reach a 4-year Collective Agreement with 3.5% annual salary increase as well as an adjustment of salaries for a few classifications in the Collective Agreement. The disciplinary records went down to 12 months, along with an increase in all benefits. We managed to remove the $20 maximum per visit for the chiropractor plus a lot more.

As you can see, we were successful in negotiations so far but there are many remaining negotiations to come by the end of the year. We’re starting negotiations with Hornepayne, White River sawmill, Columbia Forest Wood and Aramark.

 Unfortunately, winter is inevitably on its way; please be careful driving on the winter roads, as they can be very slippery and not well maintained. Make sure you have the proper winter tires on and that your vehicle is in proper condition for those rough winter months ahead of us. 

My Brothers and Sisters, I want again to take this opportunity to wish you and all and your family a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

In solidarity; 

Guy Veilleux



In the last several months we have been very busy with negotiations, arbitrations, and dealing with grievances.  

GreenFirst Cochrane Sawmill

On June 26th, our members from the GreenFirst Cochrane sawmill ratified a new 4-year agreement. This new agreement follows the pattern agreement with some language changes especially with Health and Safety, training, progressive rates, and forced overtime, just to name a few. The new agreement also brings an increase of $5.00 in 2023, and another $5.00 in 2025 on the vacation premium, an increase of $20.00 during the 4-year agreement on boot allowance, an increase of $30.00 for tool allowance for the trades, increases in benefits, increase in the pension plan, a wage adjustment of $3.00 over the term of the agreement for the trades, and a 3.5% wage increase per year. 

GreenFirst Chapleau Sawmill

On August 5th, 2022, the members from the GreenFirst Chapleau sawmill also ratified a new 4-year Collective Agreement. This new agreement also follows the pattern agreement with some language changes on Health and Safety, floaters, training commitments, temporary positions, and supplementary vacation pay.  Same as for the Cochrane sawmill, the new agreement also brings increases on their vacation premium, on the boot allowance, increases in benefits, an increase in the pension plan, and a 3.5% wage increase per year. They also got a wage adjustment of $2.00 over the term of the agreement for the trades, a $0.20 per hour wage adjustment for the equipment operator and a $0.50 per hour wage adjustment for the handyman. 

GreenFirst Chapleau Co-Gen

On September 27th, 2022, our membership at the GreenFirst Chapleau Co-Gen ratified a new 4-year agreement. Their new agreement comes with some language change on seniority, training, health and safety and statutory holiday pay. They got increases in the clothing allowance, the boot allowance, meal premiums, shift premium and their health and welfare benefits. They also got a wage increase of 14% over the term of the agreement, with a general wage adjustment of $2.00 per hour for all classifications, and an additional $1.00 wage adjustment for all Class II Engineers. Plus a signing bonus. 

 3 Nations Logging

Our members working at 3 Nations Logging woodland operations out of Cochrane are facing hard times. We just met with their employer this past September in negotiations and this employer is coming after concessions. He wants to get rid of the language which limits them to contract out. He wants our members to pay for their benefits. He also doesn't want to give any wage increase over the term of the agreement.  He basically wants our members to pay to come in to work. Hopefully next time we meet with them things change on the company’s side and we can negotiate a fair deal for our membership there. 

Wishing everyone a great winter. And a great Holiday Season with Friends and Family.  

 In Solidarity;

Eric Carroll




Greetings Brothers and Sisters, I hope everyone had a chance to enjoy the summer season and spend time with friends and family. Since our last edition of the Echo, we have been quite busy.  In May and June, Level 1 and Level 2 steward trainings were held at the Thunder Bay USW office, with some of our stewards attending for each. We also held our annual steward meeting in Hearst. The stewards took part in training from Kai Lai, (USW Canadian National Office) in conflict resolution and leadership. It was a great meeting, and the training was well received by the stewards. I am very pleased to see our members participating in any of our training; knowledge is power!

Gateway Casino Thunder Bay

Since the last edition of the Echo, I have had some labour management meetings with the company for both units at the casino. I am planning on having membership meetings for both units at the casino, floor/clerical, in the next month or so. The casino has been trying to attain the customer numbers and revenue similar to what they were seeing pre-pandemic. The casino is down about 25% of the normal patron count, compared to before the pandemic. Recruitment is a challenge, as in most workplaces everywhere. If recruitment can improve, certain departments of the casino can extend their offerings, which in turn could improve patron count. I am hopeful that can happen, as that could improve the ability to add hours for the bargaining unit members.

Nakina Sawmill

There is a new steward at the Nakina Sawmill, Cody Kostelecky. He has taken over from his brother Tim, who has left for a new opportunity. Thank you, Tim, for your service and thank you Cody, for stepping forward to represent your co-workers! Cody was able to attend our annual steward meeting in September where he was able to experience his first Union training workshops. I have had a membership meeting since our last Echo and I plan to have another membership meeting in November. Some sad news to report at the Nakina Sawmill, our Health & Safety Co- Chair, Holly Mendowegan, tragically passed away in a motor vehicle accident. Sadly, another member, Calvin Hakansson, passed away from natural causes. The entire Local 1-2010 family extends our condolences to the family, friends and co-workers of Holly and Calvin.

Resolute Ignace Sawmill

Things at the Ignace Sawmill are moving forward after the tragic death of a contractor this past spring as well as the untimely fire which destroyed the kilns at the sawmill. The wood is being transported to the Resolute Atikokan Sawmill to be dried using their kiln. They have extra capacity to dry wood so for the time being that situation has stabilized. I have had some labour management meetings with the company since our last Echo edition and I plan on having a membership meeting in November. Production from all accounts has been good and I feel that a positive vibe will come from some recent changes at the mill.

Dallan Ignace 

Dallan operations at the Ignace Sawmill have been humming along. Dallan Ignace are the heavy equipment operators outside of the Ignace Sawmill. They play an integral part of moving the wood in and out of the sawmill. Without Dallan, the sawmill could not operate. There is a new steward for Dallan Ignace, Gary Ray. Thank you for stepping up, Gary, to represent your co-workers! Gary attended the first ever semi-annual H&S meeting with Resolute Ignace management in September. We were able to bring some concerns from the operators forward at the meeting and we will give the company some time to make the changes. Gary was also able to attend our annual steward meeting in September, where he received training in conflict resolution and leadership. Welcome Gary! I have a membership meeting scheduled in November for the Dallan crew.

Resolute Atikokan Sawmill

Things at the Resolute Atikokan Sawmill have been in a constant eb and flow. The mill continues to face recruitment challenges as does almost every workplace in almost every sector of work. Production has been very good, from all accounts. On a positive note, around 20 Ukrainians have been given a new start in life. They have immigrated into the country with the assistance of the federal government and have found work at the Atikokan Sawmill. It seems to be a win-win situation so far, as the mill is getting much needed workers as well as the Ukrainians getting a fresh start and the local community growing with new residents. There has been some language challenges, but it seems as though they have been able to work through them. Neil Richard, the steward at the Resolute Sawmill, was able to attend our annual steward meeting in September. He as well received training in conflict resolution and leadership. I have had several labour management meeting with the company since our last Echo edition. I have a membership meeting planned for November.

Dallan Atikokan

The heavy equipment operators at Dallan Atikokan have been working diligently to support the Resolute Atikokan Sawmill. Just the same as Dallan Ignace, Dallan Atikokan supports the Atikokan Sawmill by moving wood in and out of the mill yard. They as well are a key cog in the wheel of operations at the site. There is as well a new steward at Dallan Atikokan. Cory Peterson has taken the reigns, from his son Nick who has left for a new opportunity. Thank you for stepping up, Cory! I plan to have a membership meeting in November for Dallan Atikokan.

I want to take this opportunity, to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season. Take care of each other, and please don’t drink and drive! Take care Brothers and Sisters.

In Solidarity;

Wesley Ridler